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Masterclass in Neurotheology


hosted by the Center for Interdisciplinary Research  (

Sept. 10 – Dec. 10, 2016


This advanced interdisciplinary course meets for eight 3-hour Saturday morning sessions over a 3-month period.


No background in theology or science is required, but a commitment to reading the notes, which are drawn from Ron Choong’s PhD dissertation, is expected.


This inaugural CIR Master-Class will feature Ron Choong’s doctoral work submitted as an interdisciplinary PhD dissertation in 2009 to Princeton Seminary.


It seeks to find convergence among five fields of inquiry and reflection: evolution, paleoanthropology, cognitive neuroscience, philosophy of mind and the doctrine of creation in nature.


We shall examine the history, philosophy, science and theology of Christian belief in the context of modern paleoanthropology and cognitive neuroscience. Along the way, we shall examine other disciplines such as astrophysics, archaeology, psychology and biogenesis research to better understand the role of sacred texts in religion with special attention to the Christian faith.


You may take the course live or online (watch the recorded videos and participate in the closed forum). All assignments and the final essay are optional.


Write to if you have any questions about this interdisciplinary masterclass.


Take advantage of the early discount & register by Aug 30.


More info:




CIR Masterclass


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