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Cognitive Neuroscience


  1. Minding God: Theology and the Cognitive Sciences by Gregory R. Peterson

    1. Chapter 4: “Do Split Brains Listen to Prozac?” – On free will, human emotions, and a bit about how spiritual transformations must require a cognitive transformation as well.


  2. Body, Soul, and Human Life: The Nature of Humanity in the Bible by Joel B. Green

    1. Chapter 4: “The Resurrection of the Body” – biblical understanding of the afterlife, is there an intermediate state after death?, eschatological ontology, do our identities survive after death?


  3. From Cells to Souls – and Beyond: Changing Portraits of Human Nature, Malcolm Jeeves, editor

    1. Chapter 3: “The Vulnerability of Persons: Religion and Neurology” by David Parks – freedom of choice, genetics, and environmental influence on the brain, mind-brain connection, consciousness, the soul


  4. “Do We Sin Because We are Sinful or are We Sinful Because We Sin: Neuroscience, Nolition and Kenotic Moral Cognition” by Rev. Dr. Ron Choong, doctoral dissertation (Princeton Theological Seminary)

    1. Chapter 4: “Neuroscience & Moral Cognition: Why are we moral and not merely altruistic?” – the biology of memory within the brain, the nature of memory, false memories, some thoughts as to the reasons why there are discrepancies within the gospel narratives and accounts.



Plant Theology: Do Plants Have a Soul?  (Plant Neurobiology)





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