Project Augustine

Chapter 2: “The Meaning of Revelation”

  1. “The revelation of God is, paradoxically, a hidden revelation.  The hiddenness of God in Jesus Christ is not simply that he is a finite, vulnerable, mortal creature like other human beings.  Rather, God’s self-disclosure is deeply hidden in the servant form of this persona and above all his crucifixion.” – p. 25
    1. “If it is truly God who is revealed, God remains hidden, beyond our grasp, never our prisoner.  For the revealed God is the free and ever surprising God who resists our efforts to turn God into an idol.” – p. 28

  2. “Is revelation an objective occurrence or subjective occurrence?  Does it refer to something that really happens ‘out there’ in the world or is it primarily an event that happens ‘in here’, an interior change of consciousness or a new way of seeing the world on the part of the believer?”  – p. 26

  3. “According to Dulles’s third model, revelation is seen as a special inner experience.  It is essentially an inner feeling of communion with God.  In this view, the locus of revelation is not the Bible or the doctrines of the church or the historical facts… behind the biblical witness.  It is instead a present personal experience leading to a spiritual awakening and renewal.  This model rightly calls attention to the personal and subjective side in the event of revelation but its view of experience is often narrow and individualistic.”  – p. 34
    1. See this a lot during small group discussions.  Like believing in reports about people visiting heaven.

  4. “For Christian faith and theology the fullness of revelation comes decisively in a personal life.  Only revelation through a person can be fully intelligible to us, who are persons, and only personal revelation can adequately disclose the reality of God, who is supremely personal.  As Basil Mitchell notes, ‘The basic analogy involved in all talk of revelation is that of communication b/w persons.’” – p. 35


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