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Predestination/Election – A Biblical Perspective


predestination 266x300 Predestination and salvation

What does this mean? Is this interpretation even in the Bible?


Since the group will be encountering John Calvin very soon in MacCulloch’s book, I thought I’d get a head start and write about one of the most famous and also controversial doctrines of the Protestant/Reformed theology – predestination or election.


It’s definitely a hot potato topic and if you want to rile up a bunch of Christians and see some heated conversations, just introduce the topic of predestination, sit back, enjoy, and watch the sparks fly.


Well, here’s my entry into this eternal theological boxing ring for all its worth.


Also, as you’ll see, it’s listed on a new sub-menu called “Reformed Theology” under “Theology” at the top menu bar.


Though I know what I present won’t be a novel position by any means, it did give me pause to think when I first read it in Eugene Boring and Fred Cradock’s The People’s New Testament Commentary (Westminster John Knox Press, 2004).


I’d love to hear your thoughts about this topic as well, so please do share if you have any.





N.T. Wright’s Response to Young Earth Creationism

Interesting viewpoint by New Testament scholar N.T. Wright about the creationist viewpoint.

Though I see a connection between gnosticism and present-day fundamentalism, after listening to Wright, I now see more clearly its connection with deism, in terms of God intervening and then pulling back whenever He felt like it, and the shortcomings of adhering to that philosophy.

In Wright’s presentation, God is much more imminent and involved when you remove special/particular divine intervention from the creation process.