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N.T. Wright’s Response to Young Earth Creationism

Interesting viewpoint by New Testament scholar N.T. Wright about the creationist viewpoint.

Though I see a connection between gnosticism and present-day fundamentalism, after listening to Wright, I now see more clearly its connection with deism, in terms of God intervening and then pulling back whenever He felt like it, and the shortcomings of adhering to that philosophy.

In Wright’s presentation, God is much more imminent and involved when you remove special/particular divine intervention from the creation process.

Article in “The Economist” about the current state of Adam and the Creationist vs. Evolutionist debate in America

From the article:

“Recent research (notably cross-species comparisons of gene sequences rendered non-functional by mutations) has greatly strengthened the case that humans and chimpanzees share a common ancestor. A creationist speaker in Baltimore shrugged such discoveries off, declaring that ‘science changes, but the word of God never changes.’

A trickier controversy has been triggered by findings from the genome that modern humans, in their genetic diversity, cannot be descended from a single pair of individuals. Rather, there were at least several thousand ‘first humans’. That challenges the historical existence of Adam and Eve, and has sparked a crisis of conscience among evangelical Christians persuaded by genetic science. “