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Chapter 23: To Make the World Protestant (1700 – 1914) – Part II

Joseph Smith and Moroni

Joseph Smith receiving the golden plates from the Angel Moroni.



We will conclude our study of Chapter 23 by going over the last three sections: India: The Great Rebellion and the Limits of Colonial Mission; China, Korea, Japan; and America: The New Protestant Empire.

Please answer one of the following:


  1. Describe the policy missionaries from England had with Hindus and Muslims in India.  Describe the events that led up to the Great Indian Rebellion (aka The First Indian War of Independence) and the impact it left for Christian missionary efforts there.
  2. Describe the relationship missionary activity had with the active opium trade with China.
  3. Describe the rise to power and apocalyptic visions of Hong Xiuquan and his involvement in the Taiping Rebellion, the ‘most destructive civil war in world history’.  How was his Protestant cousin, Hong Rengan, involved with Hong Xiuquan’s vision and plans?
  4. Describe how Christianity was introduced in Korea.  Who was Yi Sung-hun and what was his impact to Christianity in Korea?  What was imperial policy like towards this new Western religion?  How did Korean pride and the Christian faith merge together later on?
  5. Describe the formation of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  How was it related to the American Evangelical fervor for the Last Days during the 1840s?  Discuss the involvement of William Miller and Ellen G. Harmon in this movement.
  6. Discuss the rise of Joseph Smith and the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints).  Discuss the visions he had of Moroni and the coming of the Book of Mormon.  How was Brigham Young involved in this movement?  How did the issue of polygamy come about?
  7. Discuss the rise of Pentecostalism in America.  What are its major beliefs?  What is dispensationalism and how is it related to the Second Coming of Christ?  What is the ‘Rapture‘ and how did this belief come about?  How did the ‘charismatic’ movement come about from Pentecostalism?


Our responses will be posted this coming Sunday.




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