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UPDATE: The Groaning of Creation: Chapter 5 – “Heaven for Pelicans? Eschatological Considerations – Part I

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God’s covenant with animals.


This past Sunday we completed the first half of Chapter 5 of Christopher Southgate’s The Groaning of Creation.


Here are our essays.


Gravity waves, the multiverse, and God

Galaxy expansion


As you may be well aware by now of the monumental discovery announced yesterday with the evidence of gravity waves as predicted by Einstein practically a century ago, it will be interesting how this finding will affect theology, our understanding of God, and creation down the road.


One of the implications of this recent finding, other than validating the occurrence of the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago and the rapid expansion of space (faster than the speed of light) within a fraction of a second after the Bang, is that this will most likely further the case for the multiverse theory – that our universe is just one in a whole sea of an infinite number of universes – as predicted by quantum theory.  Universes might pop in and out of existence all the time.  In fact, we might even be living inside a much, much larger universe that cannot be detected by our current technology, something like the omniverse.


Such a thought is absolutely mind-boggling and unfathomable to say the least.