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UPDATE: Chapter 25: Culture Wars (1960 – Present) – Part I – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, the Civil Rights movement, apartheid in South Africa, and minjung theology in South Korea


Notice at a beach in South Africa.

Notice at a beach in South Africa.



Here are our submissions for the first half of Chapter 25.


We see both the good and the bad side of the Christian church’s actions during the 20th century – much of it having to do with political action in the United States, South Africa, and South Korea.



Chapter 25: Culture Wars (1960 – Present) – Part I

Vatican II Council 1962

Vatican II Council 1962



Next week we will be covering the final chapter of MacCulloch’s book, Chapter 25.  Please read the first two sections, The Second Vatican Council: Half a Revolution and Catholics, Protestants and Liberation, and answer one of the following questions: